Color-infused Intuitive Readings + Energy Bliss Sessions + Yoga/Meditation + Raw Food Love + Tons of Workshops, Audios and Videos to feed & navigate the Spirited YOU.

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For the touchy-feely type (like me), check out all the products being created and handcrafted at my studio in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Contact me here, for a private appointment.

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Client Love

"For a  natural skeptic like me, my phone consultation with Sarah was a gentle  yet profound introduction into the world of intuitive readings. What  initially impressed me was Sarah's conversational style yet directed  flow, which allowed me to explore what I was being told while ensuring I  was getting all the information I needed to hear at that moment in my  life. What sold me on this process however, was that when I went back  and re-read my session notes many months later, I discovered that Sarah  had not only alluded to life events that subsequently happened after my  reading, she had mentioned specific names of people that had entered my  life. At the time of the reading, neither of these people were in my  life nor were they on my conscious horizon but Sarah was very clear with  the names and the descriptions of their personalities. Sarah's level of  specificity about future events in my life, coupled with her open  delivery and her facility in the interpretation of what the universe was  telling me is truly impressive."

~ David J. from New York

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